Descendants of William Dare of Lyme Regis, England and their Relatives

Welcome to my web site! Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these relatives over the last 94 years. I hope you will benefit from the information we have collected!   Sincerely, your Family Historian, Dave Bates

We have been struggling to find a way to share all 130,000+ names in the database, but at present there seems to be no easy economical way to do it.

- For now, seems to be the most tolerant, but the address may have to change each time we update the Family Tree.

- Our current Dare Family Tree is at: and at

- They are privatized, meaning that dates and info on living people are not uploaded to the tree. 

- To view the uploaded database:

    1. Join with a free account. 

    2. Copy and Paste the address above into your browser once you have signed into  

For the Sheppard Family Tree, go to this link:

For the Maryland Dare Family (cousins) originating from Berkshire, England:


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